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Holden Street Theatres has been a part of both the Adelaide Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe festival landscapes since we opened in 2002.

With our multi-award-winning Adelaide Fringe Festival programs, Holden Street has built a reputation as the 'Home of Theatre' in Adelaide.

We strive to support theatre-makers and creatives from all walks of life, and offer the Holden Street Theatres' Adelaide Fringe Award to a South Australian theatre company annually to encourage growth within the South Australian arts industry.

We also create opportunities at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for international companies to tour to Adelaide through our Holden Street Theatres' Edinburgh Fringe Award.

Read on below for more information on our upcoming Holden Street Theatres 2020 Adelaide Fringe Program, our HST Edinburgh Fringe Award, our Venue Technical Specifications, or take a look at past Fringe programs from years gone by.

Our Fringe 2020 Guide!


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Edinburgh Fringe Award

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HST Adelaide Fringe Award

Thank you to all the applications for the 'Holden Street Theatres Edinburgh Fringe Award 2019'.

It was a huge year with hundreds of shows seen, We look forward to more great theatre next year.

Congratulations to 'Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum with Expats'

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